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Inventory Management System

MPTcrib Inventory Management PDA

System Benefits:

Industry Exclusive Program

Easy Audit & Adaptation

Automated Management

Remote Access & More!

Program Overview:

Advanced Crib Organization

(Applicable to large scale machining/manufacturing cell areas)

  • Complimentary Site Evaluation
  • Program Proposal and scope of work
  • Full-scale audit of inventory
  • Sort, organize and assign barcodes
  • Evaluate and offer a Refurbishment Tooling Program
  • Integrate into powerful parts and tool management software
  • On-site system training
  • Follow-up audits and inventories
  • Continued support:
    • New die additions to inventory
    • Continued recommendations for inventory efficiency improvements
  • For Product Inquiries, email and one of our MPTCrib Inventory Managers will follow-up with you.

Customer Testimonial

“The system created accurate physical inventories, eliminated overstock, out-of-stock and is-it-stocked problems. The system streamlines our costs overages by at least 35% and provides our tool room department the support needed to keep production machinery and facilities support equipment running. The system shows our potential customers we are organized and are utilizing the innovative, cost streamline ideals available out there today.”

– Katrina Larmon, Plant Operations Crib Leader, BAE Industries

Moeller Delivers Unsurpassed Manufacturing Organization, Transparency, and Efficiency

With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, Moeller Precision Tool has developed a revolutionary inventory
management software (IMS) system that is designed to maximize crib efficiency. The inventory
management program is the answer to automated tooling parts/components management. Our exclusive IMS system
provides you with complete and convenient control of parts and component inventory. is engineered to audit and adapt to most manufacturing areas including existing storage methods and systems. Our barcode parts scanning system catalogs components provide inventory control, automatically uploads data and warns before stock levels become critical.

Benefits and Features

  • Portable and adaptable to most manufacturing areas/cells
  • Compatible with existing storage methods and systems
  • Barcode scanning / increased sign-out compliance
  • Automated uploading and reporting
  • Single or multi-step online ordering
  • Traceability and accountability tools
  • Receiving procedures for higher accuracy
  • Digital print/revision archiving
  • Overview access for administrators
  • Multi-facility capable
  • Available in multiple languages and international territories