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Moeller Precision Tool’s core values of continuous product innovation, providing tailored solutions to our customers, and using advanced manufacturing capabilities to provide the highest quality products are the pillars of our brand. As the industry moves toward more complex applications and more demanding materials, MPT is expanding our standard catalog offerings to support our customers with our “Advanced Stamping Application Tooling” catalog. Our Inch and Metric catalogs provide standard M2 and A2 material – but the products detailed in this new Advanced Stamping Application Tooling catalog are focused on PM-M4 and M2 steel to improve tool life and reduce downtime in the most extreme conditions.

Standard pierce punch material:

PM-M4 – Advanced Applications                   M2 – Standard applications

Standard die button material:

M2 – Advanced Applications         A2 – Standard applications

PM-M4 vs M2 Punches

It is no longer just a question of TOUGHNESS vs. WEAR. Want to improve tool life and reduce downtime while stamping modern materials, such as high strength, martensitic steel, and aluminum? You need the optimum combination of toughness, wear resistance, and superior compressive strength. Moeller’s new Advanced Stamping Application Tooling  now offer a complete line of standard PM-M4 punches. PM-M4 provides an outstanding balance of toughness, wear resistance, and tensile strength, and will perform in the most demanding applications.

M2 vs A2 Buttons

Stamping modern materials does not only require superior punch performance. The mating die buttons are also under increased demand. Moeller’s Advanced Stamping Application Tooling M2 die buttons offer greatly increased wear resistance over A2 die buttons, and are the solution to many die problems associated with premature wear and edge breakdown.

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