Tooling for Advanced Metal Stamping Applications

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Advanced Metal Stamping Tools at Moeller

As the metal stamping industry has moved toward more complex applications and more demanding materials, Moeller Precision Tool has answered the call to better support our customers. Continuous product innovation, tailored customer solutions, and advanced manufacturing capabilities are our core values, and our Advanced Stamping Application Tooling catalog reflects all of them.

The catalog expands on our standard inch and metric catalog offerings. It includes PM-M4 and M2 steel options that can increase tool life and reduce downtime even in the most extreme conditions.

Advanced Metal Stamping Applications That Require Special Tooling

There are a number of advanced metal stamping applications that require specialized tooling to ensure accurate results and prolong tool life. Below are a few examples. 

  • Hot stamping — A process where the workpiece metal is heated before forming and piercing with tooling. It’s done to increase the strength of the finished product but can be extremely hard on standard tooling.
  • High-strength materials — For example, high-strength aluminum, high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, and dual-phase (DP) steel. 
  • Heavy-gauge materials — For example, anything over 3/16” or .1875”.
  • Highly abrasive materials — For example, all types of stainless steel.

Common Metal Stamping Issues & Advanced Tooling Solutions

Below is a chart of some of the most common metal stamping issues that can be reduced or prevented with Moeller’s advanced tooling solutions.

Metal Stamping Issue

Advanced Tooling Solution

Head Fractures

  • Dura Punch — designed with thicker, larger, and 10°-angled diameter heads to reduce failure when piercing heady-gauge and high-strength materials
  • Trumpet Head Punch  — designed with a large-radius head geometry to withstand the most extreme piercing and snap-through applications

Point Chipping

Specialized material choice (PM-M4)

Premature point wear

Specialized material and coating choice (PM-M4, Alcrona)


Specialized material and coating choice (PM-M4, DLC hard carbon)

Advanced Metal Stamping Tooling Examples From Moeller

The products in our Advanced Stamping Application Tooling catalog are focused on PM-M4 and M2 steel.

Punch Material

M2 = standard applications

PM-M4 = advanced applications

Die Button Material

A2 = standard applications

M2 = advanced applications

PM-M4 vs. M2 Punches

It’s no longer just a question of toughness vs. wear. If you want to improve tool life and reduce downtime while stamping modern materials, you need the optimum combination of toughness, wear resistance, and compressive strength. PM-M4 punches provide just that, enabling top performance even in the most demanding applications.

M2 vs PM M4 comparison chart

M2 vs. A2 Buttons

Stamping modern materials doesn’t just require superior punch performance; high-strength mating die buttons are also necessary. Moeller’s M2 die buttons offer greatly increased wear resistance compared to A2 buttons and are a great solution to many die problems associated with premature wear and edge breakdown.

A2 vs M2 comparison chart

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To learn more about our catalog of advanced tooling solutions, contact a Moeller Precision Tool representative today. We can discuss your application and what solutions we can offer to help, including specialized performance coatings, unique punch configurations for added strength, and exclusive retainer geometry for improved punch retention.