True-Fit Ball-Lock Retainer Inserts

The Industry’s Most Innovative Ball-Lock Retainer Insert

True-Fit™ is Moeller Precision Tool’s insertable ball-lock retainer. Leading the industry in design and performance, it’s the only one-piece solution on the market and is manufactured with through-hardened, shock-resistant steel. These features make it a long lasting, cost-effective solution as well. 

True-Fit™ is fit for use in die and retainer construction, refurbishment of existing retainers, and engineering change implementation. It’s adaptable to all backing plate and Moeller True-Set™-style heavy-duty punch retainers

CAD files are available for installation machining purposes. 

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Special Features

True-Fit™ stands apart from competing solutions because of these special features:

  • One-piece construction with through-hardened, shock-resistant steel
  • Self-contained, heat treated, and precisely finished critical features
  • Adaptable booster spring and positive ball lock retention system
  • Available in standard inch and metric shank diameters

Benefits of True-Fit™

True-Fit™ offers die builders and metal stampers across the globe with the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled strength and durability
  • Shock resistance, eliminating punch release caused by ball bounce that’s associated with heavy-gauge, high-strength, and aluminum materials
  • Cost-effective, due to simple design reducing installation costs

Convert Your Existing Tools to Ball-Lock

Interested in our True-Fit™ ball-lock style, but already have shoulder punch designs drawn? It’s not too late! You can use our CAD files to convert existing retainers to ball-lock style on your own. Our team is also happy to assist you with the conversion if needed. 

*Note: If you’re designing new tools and need assistance to implement True-Set™ style retainers in your dies, please consult the factory to discuss any new project design services.*

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