Extreme Stamping Strength

As the industry moves toward more complex applications and more demanding materials, we’re leading the effort to deliver innovative solutions — one of them being DuraPunch™.

DuraPunch™ is a heavy-duty punch designed for extreme stamping applications. Featuring a thicker shoulder length and larger fillet radius to absorb greater impact shock, it can pierce heavy-gauge and high-strength materials with precision and ease. Add it to your tool room today.

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Special Features

DuraPunch™ stands out among other industry solutions because of these special features:

  • Thicker shoulder length to absorb impact shock and resist stripping forces
  • Larger corner radius from shank to shoulder to better distribute shock and forces
  • 10° angle on end surface creates a support “pad” the same size as the shank diameter to keep shock forces parallel to the shank
  • PM-M4 material with greater tensile and compressive strength
  • Available in inch and metric sizes

For more information on DuraPunch™ features and specifications, download our Advanced Stamping brochure. 

Benefits of DuraPunch™ Die Punches

A few reasons our customers love DuraPunch™: 

  • Reduced downtime. No need to change broken punches.
  • Reduced risk of head breakage or cracking, even when piercing heavy-gauge and high-strength materials.
  • Cost-effectiveness due to extended longevity and accurate, repeatable results.

Questions About DuraPunch™? Contact Our Team

As a global partner for standard and special die components, we can help you find the punch solution you need for high-quality, repeatable results.