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Moeller Precision Tool is committed to being the industry leader for consistent quality and new innovative product. Many of our patented products and services have provided significant cost saving solutions to our industry’s most demanding consumers of tooling components for more than 50 years.

  • M-CAD allows designers to create and engineer all of Moeller’s standard catalog components into their process applications.
  • offers unsurpassed manufacturing organization, transparency, and efficienty to our customers who are looking to streamline their inventory costs.
  • Moeller Exclusive Surface Treatments from Oerlikon Balzers provide extended tooling life for specific applications.
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True-Fit™ is MPT’s insertable punch retainer, and is the industry’s only true one-piece construction produced from through-hardened, shock-resistant steel. Our newest ball lock innovation is designed to significantly reduce installation costs over any other product design.

  • Appropriate for use in new die/retainer construction, refurbishment of existing retainers, and engineering change implementation.
  • Available for heavy-duty backing plate and True-Set® Style retainers, and all standard inch and metric shank diameters.
  • Adaptable booster spring and positive ball-lock retention system resists shock and eliminates punch release caused by “ball bounce” associated with heavy gauge, high-strength, and aluminum materials.
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True Strip

MPT’s True Strip mechanical stripper provides manufacturers and tool and die makers with a high-performance, fully self-contained, off-the-shelf, standardized stripping device. True Strip is extremely durable, very accurate, and has the versatility and flexibility to pierce and strip material thickness up to 2mm for a wide variety of material and production requirements. True Strip is the industry’s strongest and most accurate off-the-shelf mechanical stripper.

  • The housing is made from durable pre-hardened steel finished with black oxide for corrosion resistance. Critical operating surfaces are precisely machined providing superb squareness and alignment which assures long life even under side-load conditions.
  • The manganese-bronze stripper is precision fit to the housing and slides on both the body and shoulder to provide a dual guiding condition guaranteeing stability during the entire stroke.
  • The stripper mechanical die spring assures optimal stripping forces and maximum life.
  • The spring cap is threaded to a positive stop, which provides a flush mounting surface and preloads the springs for optimal life.
  • The attachment foot is designed to fully isolate all stripping forces and side load increasing punch life.
  • Fit standard heavy and light duty ball lock and shoulder style retainers
  • Exclusive preloaded die spring for extended life
  • A variety of springs are available for a broad range of stripping forces
  • Eliminates expensive custom stripper plates
  • Custom strippers available for contoured panels, multi-hole punches, and non-marring applications
  • Special multi-hole retainer designs available upon request
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  • Unique and exclusive one-piece design
  • Manufactured from premium tool steel, through hardened for maximum strength and durability
  • Available in both heavy and light duty ball lock and shoulder style, inch and metric sizes
  • Minimizes tolerance stack-up, allowing for pinpoint punch positioning and eliminates the aggravation associated with lost backing plugs, weld separation, etc.
  • All retainers are 100% interchangeable with all competing brands and furthermore meet or exceed all Global OEM Automotive Die Standards.
  • True-Set™ Advanced retainer includes a booster spring for maximum punch holding power
  • Also includes a symmetrical 4th dowel for maximum flexibility
  • Created for most demanding applications such as AHSS and Aluminum
  • Available in metric sizes only
  • One-piece construction from high alloy tool steel which is through hardened and ground for accuracy and long life
  • Allows closer spacing of punches and reduces die assembly time
  • Eliminates backing plates and backing plugs
Multi-Hole Retainer
Dura Punch


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