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True-Set™ Standard Punch Retainers

Moeller developed our True-Set™ Ball-Lock Punch Retainers after listening to helpful customer feedback and conducting extensive real-world testing. We’re proud to say they’re the only punch retainers on the market that are manufactured from a single piece of premium tool steel, which is through-hardened for optimal strength and durability.

This unique, one-piece design reduces stacking tolerance errors, which allows for more precise punch positioning. The integrated backing plate means separate backing plates no longer need to be screwed to the bottom of the retainer. Our standard True-Set™ style retainers eliminate the need for pressed in plugs that are prone to catastrophic failure over time.

All of our True-Set™Style Punch Retainers also offer the following benefits:

  • Manufactured from a single piece of premium tool steel
  • Through-hardened for improved durability and extended life
  • More robust and precise than traditional backing plate or backing plug style
  • Reduced punch sharpening time
  • Cost-efficiency (15-30% savings over traditional backing plate retainers)
  • 100% interchangeable with competing brands
  • Available in light and heavy-duty ball-lock styles
  • Available in both inch and metric sizes
  • Standard same-day shipments
True Set Advanced Retainer cutaway (Color)

True-Set™ Advanced Punch Retainers

An enhancement to our standard True-Set™ style, our True-Set™ Advanced Punch Retainers include a booster spring for maximum punch-holding power, as well as a symmetrical 4th dowel hole to grant die designers maximum flexibility when designing symmetrically opposite dies for right and left hand parts. They’re designed for the most demanding metal stamping applications, such as advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) and aluminum.

True-Set™ Advanced Punch Retainers are available in metric sizes only.

True-Set™ Special Multi-Hole Punch Retainers

Our special multi-hole punch retainers use the same True-Set™ technology as our standard and advanced punch retainers but are manufactured to your specifications. Their innovative design is adaptable to any metal stamping application that requires a ball-lock quick change. It also reduces sharpening time, allows for more precise punch positioning, and is able to be manufactured less expensively than standard backing plate retainers.

All of these construction benefits plus their cost-effectiveness, makes our special multi-hole punch retainers a win-win.

True-Set™ Punch Retainers vs. Backing Plate Retainers

When you replace traditional backing plate retainers with our innovative True-Set™-style retainers, you’ll enjoy various benefits in terms of time, investment, and longevity. Here’s a side-by-side comparison for reference.

True-Set Ball-Lock Punch Retainers Traditional Backing Plate Retainers
One-piece construction, manufactured with a single piece of through-hardened tool steel. This provides more surface for support and guarantees flatness and squareness. Two-piece construction, where a backing plate is welded to the retainer or mechanically attached
No backing plates or plugs necessary Additional backing plates and plugs must be kept in stock. Plugs and backing plates can result in angularity and mis-alignment.
Spring-loaded ball bearing, which locks into teardrop ball seat and prevents punches from falling out Punches may fall out or move out of position if not installed properly
Eliminates alignment and positioning issues Difficult to maintain perpendicularity, leading to misalignment issues
15-30% cost savings Additional costs in regards to backing plates, plugs, tool wear, sharpening, etc. 

Enjoy Free Design Services to Convert Existing Tools to Ball-Lock

Interested in our True-Set™ style, but already have other tool designs drawn? It’s not too late! We offer FREE design services to convert your existing tools to our patented True-Set™  style. We’ll assist you with the conversion, so you can later implement those changes within your die — ultimately bringing more durability, precision, and consistency to your stamping applications.

*Note: If you’re designing new tools and need assistance to implement True-Set™ style retainers in your dies, please consult the factory to discuss any new project design services.*

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