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Performance Enhancers

Wear resistant surface treatments offer great benefits to stamping tools when applied appropriately. Selecting the right surface treatment and substrate tool steel combination is critical for achieving optimum tool life.

See our catalog for a chart of our standard offerings to guide your selection of an appropriate coating for your application. Please contact our factory for a detailed consultation.

Specialty Coatings and Treatments

  • TIN Titanium Nitride: TIN
  • TCN Titanium CarboNitride: TCN
  • Titanium Aluminum Nitride: TAN
  • Alcrona Pro™ Aluminum Chromium Nitride Based: ACN
  • Oerlikon Balzers Alcrona Pro Advanced: ACA
  • Oerlikon Balzers Alcrona Pro Duplex: ACD
  • Oerlikon Balzers Formera Plus: FMP
  • MoST Titanium CarboNitride with Molybdenum Disulfide: MST
  • Chromium Nitride: CRN

Specialty Coatings and Treatments

  • Diamond Like Carbon (a-C:H): DLC
  • Oerlikon Balzers Hard Carbon (ta-C): HCB

Specialty Coatings and Treatments

  • M-Wear Ultra: MWU
  • Moeller Special Process with TiCN: MSP
  • M-Wear: MWN
  • M-Wear Extreme: MWE

Surface Finish Upgrades and Edge Enhancements

Surface Finish Upgrades

  • Enhanced Surface Finish: ESF
  • M-Lap: LAP

Surface and Edge Enhancements

  • M-Tride Nitride: MTN
  • Edge Break: EDG
  • Cryogenic Deep Freeze: CDF
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