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Moeller’s True-Set™ retainers are 100% interchangeable with all competing brands and furthermore meet or exceed all global OEM automotive standards.

Moeller Precision Tool’s exclusive and innovative, true one piece construction retainer was developed using intensive market research and user input. True-Set™ retainers are the only products manufactured from a through-hardened single piece of high quality alloy tool steel. The design eliminates stacking tolerance errors, allowing better punch positioning. The integrated design provides an end to the aggravation of lost plugs, or the separation of welded backing plates. True-Set™ retainers disperse the stamping force over the entire retainer surface, protecting die shoes.

Stringent quality practices are maintained throughout the manufacturing and inspection processes using the latest technologies and best lean manufacturing practices available.

True-Set Ball Lock

True-Set Advanced

True-Set Advanced Metric:MRH-A


Heavy Duty Inch:IRH Metric:MRH
Light Duty Inch:IRL Metric:MRL

True-Set Economy Round

Economy Round Inch:IRR Metric:MRR

Mini True-Set

Mini True-Set                Metric:MRM

Square Type

End Type

Extra Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty          Inch:IRX

True-Fit Insertable Punch Retainers

True Set Style

Catalog Pages Inch:IRI Metric:MRI
Geometry Files

Backing Plate Style

Backing Plate Style Inch:IRJ Metric:MRJ
Geometry Files
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MPT's newest ball-lock innovation!

  • The strongest and most economical insertable retainer
  • The industry's only true one-piece construction produced from through-hardened, shock-resistant tool steel
  • Adaptable booster spring and positive ball-lock retention system - resists shock and eliminates punch retention

  • True-FitTM Retainer Inserts are intended to be installed as slip-fit. Please refer to our Advanced Stamping Applications catalog pages (linked above) for hole dimensions and recommended tolerances.

    True-Set Shoulder

    For Round Punches

    For Round
    Inch:IRN Metric:MRN

    For Shaped Punches

    For Shaped
    Inch:IRO Metric:MRO

    For Round Punches with Symmetrical 3rd Dowel

    For Round Punches with
    Symmetrical 3rd Dowel

    For Shaped Punches with Symmetrical 3rd Dowel

    For Shaped Punches with Symmetrical 3rd Dowel MetricMRQ

    DuraPunch Retainers

    For Round Punches

    For Round Punches Inch:XIRN Metric:XMRN

    For Shaped Punches

    For Shaped Punches Inch:XIRO Metric:XMRO

    Trumpet Head Retainers

    Trumpet Head

    For Round Punches MetricXMRT

    Trumpet Head Retention Sleeve

    Retention Sleeve MetricXMAQ

    Endmill for Trumpet Head Retainer

    Endmill MetricXMAK



    Ball-Lock Metric:MRA

    Shoulder Style for Round Punches

    Shoulder Style for Round Punches Metric:MRC

    Shoulder Style for Shaped Punches

    Shoulder Style for Shaped Punches Metric:MRB
    Special Multi-Hole Retainers

    Special Multi Hole Retainers

    Moeller Precision Tool’s patented True-Set multi-hole retainer provides an innovative, low cost solution in building dies.

    • Manufactured from a single piece of high alloy tool steel, through hardened and ground for accuracy and long life
    • Unique design reduces die assembly time by eliminating backing plates and backing plugs, providing a 15-30% savings over backing plate styles.
    • Available in both light and heavy duty, inch and metric sizes.
    • Interchangeable with all competing brands.
    • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

    Retainer Components

    A complete listing of Retainer Components and Accessories, including shim plates, are available in our Inch and Metric Catalogs: