True Strip™ Mechanical Punch Stripper

The Industry’s Strongest and Most Accurate Mechanical Stripper

True Strip™ is a fully self-contained, high-performance stripping device, and it’s the best in its class. Designed for impeccable accuracy and durability, it can pierce and strip material thicknesses up to 2mm. Its critical operating surfaces are precisely machined, offering superior squareness and alignment while promoting longevity even under side-load conditions.

True Strip™ manganese-bronze stripper is precision-fit to the housing and slides, both on the body and shoulder. This provides a dual gliding condition that ensures stability throughout each and every stroke.

CAD files are available for download here.

True Strip™ Mechanical Punch Stripper

Special Features

True Strip™ surpasses competing solutions because of these special features:

  • Housing made from pre-hardened steel and corrosion-resistant black oxide finish
  • Stripper made from manganese-bronze
  • Pre-loaded die spring for extended life (variety of options/stripping forces available)
  • Spring cap threaded to a positive stop
  • Fits standard heavy and light-duty ball-lock and shoulder-style retainers

Optional features:

  • Custom strippers for contoured panels, multi-hole punches, non-marring applications
  • Special multi-hole retainer design

Benefits of True-Fit™

True Strip™ offers manufacturers and tool and die makers across the globe the following benefits:

  • Optimal stripping forces with variable spring options
  • Increased punch life, due to pre-loaded springs and attachment foot
  • High accuracy, thanks to dual gliding condition and stable strokes
  • Corrosion resistance from black oxide finish

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