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Accessory Components

All punches are manufactured from the industry’s highest grade tool steels and are produced to comply with NAAMS, ISO and alternative internationally accepted standards. All standard components are completely interchangeable with reputable competing brands.

Punches are manufactured in both Solid, and Slug-Ejector configurations with a variety of pointed noses including: round, oblong, square, rectangle, hex, flatted-round, and numerous alternate complex shapes.

Urethane Strippers & Retainers

Urethane Strippers

Open end Inch:ITO
Closed end Inch:ITC Metric:MTC
True Set Style Metric:MTS

Urethane Stripper Retainers

NAAMs Retainer Metric:MTR
For Round Retainers Metric:MTP
Mini Metric:MTM
Nose Large Metric:MTB

Retainer Components

A complete listing of Retainer Components and Accessories, including shim plates, are available in our Inch and Metric Catalogs:

Ejector Components

A complete listing of Ejector Components, including ejector assemblies, are available in our Inch and Metric Catalogs:


Release tools

Ball Lock Release tools

Straight Tip Inch:IAT 02 Metric:MAT 02
Angle Tip Inch:IAT 01 Metric:MAT 01
Threaded Tip Heavy Duty Inch:IAT 03 Metric:MAT 03
Threaded Tip Light Duty Inch:IAT 04 Metric:MAT 04

Shim Plates

True Set Retainer

Round Retainer

Backing Plates

True Set Shoulder Retainer

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