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Customer-Driven Tool Management System

MPTCrib is our revolutionary tool inventory management system, now serving hundreds of customers across the globe. With the software and help from our experienced consultants, you can organize, label, track, and order your tooling all in real time. 

What’s Included

  • Professional audit — Starting with a complimentary site evaluation and proposal, our experts will run an audit of your current tool storage solution. You’ll also have the option to purchase Rousseau storage cabinets at below-market prices. 
  • Inventory tracking — Track your daily inventory debits with a Honeywell EDA51 Scan Tablet that has capabilities to manage your whole system on a single device.
  • On-site training — Our consultants will provide on-site training for both scanning hardware and management software.
  • Continuous support — You’ll receive continuous support in the form of periodic cycle counts and installation clean-ups.

MPTCrib System Benefits

Industry-First Program, Setting the Standard

Manage Tool Life Cycle from Order to Use

Browser-Based for Easy Access Anywhere


Take Back Control of Your Tool Inventory

The MPTCrib program has been engineered to audit and adapt to most manufacturing areas, including those with existing storage methods and systems. The barcode scanning system is designed to automatically upload inventory data to provide warnings prior to critically low stock levels. Contracted price locks streamline your order process by eliminating wasted time waiting for quotes from multiple vendors.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Barcode scanning for increased sign-out compliance
  • Easy-to-use order placement and management
  • Digital order receipt by line for more accurate inventory
  • Add new dies and eliminate obsolete dies
  • Catalog and manage digital bills of materials
  • Upload and catalog special “per print” files
  • Automated, customizable inventory and usage reports
  • Overview access for admins in multi-facility installations
  • Available in multiple languages and international territories

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