Metal stamping is a process used to transform metal sheets into various shapes. It’s a high-speed process and one of the fastest, most cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

If you’re new to metal stamping, you might be surprised by the number of everyday items made through the process. Here’s a look at some of them.

8 Everyday Products Made From Metal Stamping

Metal stamping has roots dating back to the 1800s, when it started to replace inconsistent and time-consuming manufacturing processes like die forging. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find metal-stamped products of all shapes and sizes everywhere — some of which you use on a daily basis.

*The metal-stamped products listed below are examples of components we manufacture every day at Moeller Precision Tool.

1. Washing Machines

Washing machines, along with other large household appliances known as “white goods,” are manufactured with metal-stamped parts. Inner and outer drum punches create stamped holes inside the washing machine’s drum. Fan blades and brackets are also stamped.

Washing Machine

2. Alkaline Batteries

The next time you need to replace the batteries in your TV remote so you can binge your favorite Netflix series, you can thank metal stamping. Alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, etc.) consist of various metal-stamped components.

Compression tooling, such as core rods and core pins, are used on the chemicals inside the batteries. Battery cans and anode caps are also made from metal stamping.

Alkaline Batteries

3. Pegboard

Have you used a pegboard to organize or store something? It’s likely metal stamping tools were used to make it, even if it wasn’t a metal board. Punches can also be used to perforate other materials like high-density fiberboard (HDF), medium-density fiberboard (MDF), composites, and wood.


4. Food and Beverage Cans

If you enjoy ice-cold cans of Coca-Cola® or steamy pots of chicken noodle soup, you enjoy foods and beverages stored in cans made from — you guessed it — metal stamping.

Metal stamping and deep drawing help produce components like blanks for cups and cans. Metal stamping is also used to manufacture vending machine components.


5. HVAC Components

From fin die tooling to slitter blades, enhancement blocks, and more, metal stamping plays a huge role in the manufacture of HVAC components. These smaller components are part of the manufacturing process for larger HVAC devices like evaporators, condensers, heating coils, exchangers, and busbars.

Pierce Punch HVAC Samples

6. Construction Brackets

Stamped metal parts are a big part of common wood frame construction. Truss plates, gang nail plates, joist hangers, and many other kinds of metal construction brackets and supports are made in metal stamping presses. We also have metal stamping to thank for beam connectors and metal wall studs.

Unless you work in construction, you probably don’t technically use these products every day, but you can still thank them for keeping your home’s structure sturdy!

Construction Brackets

7. Grills

Charcoal and gas grills, while having some stamped holes for venting and assembly purposes, are an example of what is called “draw forming.” The large rounded forms of the grill body are “drawn” from a flat steel strip in the stamping press, while the venting and assembly holes are stamped out at another operation in the same press.


8. Metal Shelving

If you experienced an empty toilet paper supply at a grocery store during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, you got an undisturbed view of a shelf made from metal stamping. That’s right — the store shelves you pick your favorite cereals and snacks off of are punched and formed through this process.

metal shelving

Other Products Made From Metal Stamping

There are also some metal-stamped products that you probably don’t use every day but are equally as important to the innovation of society. Manufacturers around the globe regularly employ metal stamping practices to produce products for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Fluid power (things like hydraulic and pneumatic valve components, mounting flanges)
  • Medical/pharmaceutical (during the height of the pandemic, Ford made respirators and masks in their metal stamping plants)

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