There are many custom die component manufacturers out there — all with different products, capabilities, lead times, price points, and more. Still, finding one that you can trust to provide high-quality tools, great customer services, and on-time deliveries can be difficult. Here are some tips to aid your search.

7 Things to Look For in a Reputable Custom Die Component Manufacturer

Let’s start with some key traits to look for in a quality custom die component manufacturer. Here are seven important factors to consider, so you can narrow down the list to figure out which company will be the best partner for you.

1. They Have the Die Components You Need

This one’s pretty straightforward but arguably the most important factor in your decision. Can they make the die components you need? Have they created the same, or similar, parts before? Draw on their experience in the industry and learn what kind of fit they may be at the most basic level: product.

At Moeller Precision Tool, we’re a global manufacturer of standard and custom die components. Our specialties include die punches, buttons, springs, retainers, and intricate, complex, per-print details. We have many international partners that create other components (plates, guide pins, bushings, etc.) as well.

2. They Can Customize Die Components to Meet Your Non-Standard Specifications

Some die component manufacturers can only produce standard parts. While these options work for many applications, they won’t for new projects that require customized solutions. Find a supplier that has advanced machining capabilities and experience making non-standard, per-spec die components. That way, you always have that option when you need it.

After 50+ years in the industry, Moeller’s become a global leader in cutting-edge precision manufacturing techniques. We create some of the most precise, complex, custom tooling components in our shops every day. Some of our capabilities include:

  • High-capacity CNC conventional/wire EDM
  • CNC turning and milling
  • CNC jig grinding
  • Complex 3-7 axis precision grinding
  • CMM equipment
  • 3D laser scanning and part digitizing

3. They Make Product and Service Information Easy to Find

The tool and die world can be technical and difficult to navigate. A great custom die component manufacturer will provide ample resources for you to get all the information you need about their products and services. Whether that be through customer service professionals and sales experts, an informative website, or comprehensive product catalogs, the information should be there.

Moeller is committed to making our product and service information accessible so you feel comfortable and capable of finding the solutions you need. We have an extensive list of catalogs, a robust website with product information, and a blog with industry-related topics. Plus, our customers are always welcome to give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions.

4. They Use State-of-the-Art, Up-to-Date Systems, and Technology

For high-quality die building, you need high-quality die components. And for high-quality die components, you need technologically advanced machining equipment. Look for a manufacturer that has up-to-date systems so that the job is completed according to your high standards. You may even look at whether or not they’re certified by various industry standards organizations.

Moeller is committed to ongoing innovation. Our equipment is the most technologically advanced in the industry, and we’re continuously looking for better solutions to increase product quality and customer satisfaction. Our Wixom headquarters is also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

5. They Have a Few Patented Products and Services

This isn’t a need-to-have, but it’s definitely a nice-to-have. Some die component manufacturers have been in the industry long enough to notice inefficiencies in standard products and services. Then, they go on to develop their own solution that alleviates those inefficiencies. It’s a trait that shows thought leadership, innovation, and going the extra mile to provide solutions for industry-wide issues.

At Moeller, we’re passionate about being an industry leader for new, innovative products. We’ve created various patented solutions that have resulted in streamlined operations and significant cost savings for our customers. Some examples include:

6. They Communicate Clearly About Lead and Delivery Times

Lead times are an important factor in keeping your inventory stocked with what you need when you need it. Your manufacturer shouldn’t keep this information hidden, but rather provide clear expectations for what you can rely on.

Unfortunately, machining and supply chain processes aren’t foolproof. Things pop up, and delays can happen. Because of this, no manufacturer can promise fast lead times or 100% on-time delivery rates — but there are some that can offer you a higher level of customer service, so you’re always updated.

At Moeller, we strive to deliver that high level of service to every customer. Our lines of communication are always honest, clear, and considerate. Our hope is to provide certainty and clarity, even in uncertain and unpredictable times.

7. They Take Time to Build a Relationship With You

Customer service is one thing. Relationship building is another much better thing. Find a manufacturer you feel like you can build a relationship with, not just one you can purchase from. They should be open to emails, calls, and meetings to answer your questions, provide advice on parts, etc. They’re your go-to.

This is something we’ve prioritized at Moeller. We don’t want to be your supplier; we want to be your partner. For us, that means always welcoming questions, workshopping ideas, providing feedback, or helping with whatever tooling tasks you need. Our salesforce is eager to meet with you and cater our services to your needs.

How to Find a Custom Die Component Manufacturer You Can Trust

You can find custom die component manufacturers all over the world. But where exactly can you start your search to find one that works well for you? Here are some ideas:

For Excellent Products & Even Better Service, Trust Moeller.

Innovation, service, quality. At Moeller Precision Tool, those are our main focuses. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers meet their goals — whether that means making improvements to our current products or developing new ones. It’s what makes us passionate about our jobs, and it’s what makes our customers happy to work with us.

If you need a standard or custom die component manufacturer that you can trust, you’re in the right place. Contact our team to learn more about how you can partner with us.